Friday, August 5, 2011

Mason and his Channel

Yeah, so, hey guys. We went to LA for VidCon last week and made a "fun" video of sorts while we were there. Oh, and by we, I mean of course myself and the fabulous Mason Howerton. Who is, in fact, the inspiration BEHIND ForrestFire Films.

But let's get serious, the real inspiration comes from people like dartagnanscash. Who leave the nicest comments...

A tip, dartagnanscash, next time you create a username, don't fucking choose dartagnanscash.
You know why? Because I nearly killed myself trying to write this abomination of a name three times in this post. It's ugly, doesn't make any sense, and is extremely difficult to type/remember.

But moving on...oh, and yes, I do realize it's not proper to start a sentence in "but".
Mason edited the vlog we made while we were there, and we have decided to post it on his brand new channel!!!

Duhbau duhbau duhbau dot you tube dot com backslash Mason Howerton.

I know, right? He's really growing up. Started out as a learner, but now he is the master...of vlogs.
You see, he'll be taking over the "ForrestFire Vlogs" dept. of ForrestFire Films (if there could be such a thing).

He'll also be posting Mason originals. Don't ask me what those are, he told me to write this.
So please, if you could, it'd be really cool if you subscribed him (disclamer: If you enjoy the content).

If enough of you do, then he'll probably be able to make partner, and start earning money like me. Which would be nice because we plan on moving to LA in a year and kick starting this whole YouTube thing full time.

So in a way, you'll be supporting our moving, and our "putting up of more videos plan", all for your entertainment of course. More Legos, more action scenes, more animations, the whole fucking nine yards.

So thanks for reading this, and watching the new VidCon Vlog! On Mason's channel! Which is linked directly below. Enjoy. :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mouth Movements :) :D

Hey guys, so recently I posted a short video with a new style of mouth movements.

Lego Stare Dad

The new movements (now with individual mouths for each syllable) has received a mixed reaction. Some people LOVE it, but others seems to HATE it. 

Basically I was trying to emulate a "Robot Chicken" esque format and apply it to my own Lego people. Once finished, I thought it looked great, and was excited to post the test. However after thinking about it for some time I realized it wasn't right. That it felt strange and detached. Mommy Monkey from YouTube channel TheFourMonkeys (she plays Batgirl, lol) summed it up to me the best:

"I find them to be extremely unnatural and very distracting to the rest of the video. I find myself just looking at the mouths, because they stand out so much, instead of watching the rest of the video as I should."

So I've decided to return to the old mouth movement system. It's kinda hard for me, because I like being consistant, to keep that Stare Dad video up. Having one video with different mouth movements is just gonna bother the hell outta me. Haha. I'm weird like that.

I think the old movements work better, and obviously, they take WAY-hay-haaaay less time to make. Meaning videos won't take a thousand years to create. 

Only a few months, lol. Which I know to some of you, might FEEL like a thousand years. I'm no freddiew. I can't produce a video every week. I have to balance school and work. And by "balance" I mean like 75% school, 25% work. Haha.

Anywho, thanks for reading this people. I hope your not too ticked off at me. Most of you probably won't even care, but I know there are going to be a select few comments on my upcoming Lego film that go along the lines of:

"wtf?? why r u back to the old moth movmunts? this is retarded unsubed"

And while I doubt this blog will prevent any of those, I just like to keep you guys in the loop as much as possible. Thanks!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Mason Howertons

Hello there.
It has been a while since I've updated this blog so I figured I might as well create an entire post that is of the lowest importance and serves almost no purpose whatsoever.

As most of you know, my friend Mason Howerton (I like to call him Mason Whoretown) helps me out with my videos from time to time. It's cool interacting with him and he's easy to work with because often times we share the same vision, which is great for the creative process. Brainstorming and what not. :)

We're actually collaborating on two projects at the moment! I know, right? One is live-action (with peoples) and the other is to be created with Lego. The latter of which was originally going to be co-written with Keshen8, however we decided it best for me to continue on with Mason since we share a similar form of humor. Not that Mr. Matus (or Shecken, whatever) isn't funny, because he fucking is, it's just our styles of writing are too dissimilar. Also when the Pacific Ocean is separating you and your Skype calls drop every five seconds its hard to write a script with someone. Damn you Skype.

What was I trying to say? I got off track there, trying to give you guys an update. This blog wasn't supposed to be like that. Damn.


So what I was trying to say was that I have a friend to helps me with videos. Of course I have other friends but Mason's the bee's knees when it comes to co-videoing (that's a word now).

Recently however, I've realized that several channels on YouTube have their very own Mason Howerton person. So whenever I find one, I point it out to him. So much so that I've compiled a list of channels, and their own Mason Howertons.

I've been procrastinating. You don't have to tell me that.

SecretAgentBob - Chris Alex
CharlieIsSoCoolLike - Alex Day
Keshen8 - William Holloway
Nigahiga - Sean Fujiyoshi
KevJumba - His Dad (lol)
ShaneDawsonTV - Brittni Louis Taylor
LisaNova - Her Brother (I forgot his name)
TotallySketch - Richard Ryan

I'm probably skipping a lot but those are the ones that just sorta come to mind.
Haha, thanks for reading guys!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fixed the Bandwidth Problem!

You rascals! The Lego Batman - The Jokers score folder on my website downloads page got so many hits in the past few days that the bandwidth ran out and I had to upgrade my account. That's like $14.99 a month! How dare you enjoy my videos and NxSG's music!

But yeah, the problem should be fixed. Download like crazy and let me know if there are any more bandwidth problems. But if there are, then you might just have to wait for the next month because the next step up in pricing is like $100 a month and a...yeah. Can't really do that, lol.

Happy downloading!


Friday, December 24, 2010


Hey guys and gals (haha, I wish) what's up?

Forrest here coming to you live with yet another blog post. With great news. I'm going legit! Yep.

Okay silliness aside what I mean by this is that my Lego Batman videos are going to be legal from now on.
If you didn't know, all my Lego Batman video are technically illegal due to the fact that I use copyrighted music like crazy.

While this is a gray area for YouTube (i.e. they say don't do it but have featured my videos in the past), a company like Warner Bros. could come along any day and instantly remove my videos.

So yeah, that kinda sucks. They're at risk. Also I can't monetize them, which means I don't make any money on them like I do with The Duck Song series and most of the Craig videos. That's why you hardly ever see ads on my Lego films.

Anyway, my point being is that starting with The Jokers, I'm going to use an original score. I'm paying this awesome and talented YouTube musician NxSG to compose original pieces for the film, and I intend to do so for future projects.

Just to give you an example of some of his work, listen to the music linked below. Oh yeah, and if you like his music, please sub him because he is insanely gifted!

When the video is out and I have all the files sorted, I plan to upload his entire score for the video to my website. There you can download it for free and use it how you wish. I just ask that you credit him for his work! :D

So yeah, I'm just pretty excited about going legit and using this guy's music, so I thought I'd share with you.

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Live Action Video FRIDAY

Hey peoples, just a heads up, a new video (live action) will be up on 101 this Friday.
It's an comedy interview I did with Mason Howerton a few days ago and I just finished editing it about an hour ago. It was a two camera set up deal so it was fun to edit and I learned a lot while doing so.

It's pretty cool though because I answered some Facebook and Twitter questions people sent to me.
The videos concept however is that I'm acting like a Hollywood hotshot so I didn't REALLY answer the questions.

There were some great ones however so I did just want to post a little reminder that there is a FAQs page (Frequently Asked Questions) on my website that I did work very hard on. So if you have a question please check it out there first. Also, it's recently updated (by Mason and my Mom) and now it's much more informative than before. And probably better written. So if you have given it a look before you ought to do so again.

Okay, so I am excited about this new video and I hope you are to. It is kinda like filler though. Not that it's bad or anything but everyone knows it's not gonna be up to par with a new Lego Batman adventure.

And the one I'm working on now is getting towards it's end. I started on the final action scene and it's already looking very cool. This time around I have much better sound effects as well. I discovered that you can buy sound effect albums on iTunes for pretty cheap (like 9.99) and that's been much better than spending hours searching the internet for quality pieces.

But if you don't have that kinda money then some good sites are:

Absolute Sound Effects Archive
WavSource: Stuff Menu
Royalty Free Music

Also, about the fight scenes, characters are not gong to be rolling around on the floor anymore. I've been trying to improve my animation recently and now the Legos are actually gonna punch each other and stuff. I think it'll make for a much better film.

So yeah, to wrap this up, make sure you check your subscription boxes on Friday, make sure to comment on this post, and most of all, don't miss the upcoming Lego Batman video. It's gonna be supa-kewl.

Thanks for reading,

Friday, November 12, 2010

7 Minutes Finished!

Yay! Seven minutes done total so far in my new Lego video.
Basically all the scenes leading up to my final action scene are complete as well as the ending scene.

The ending scene takes place on the same set as an earlier scene so I had to film it first.
So yeah, all I have to do now is create the final action scene.
There's an earlier one in the video and it's cool but I'm gonna try and make this action the best I've ever done.

Haha but it'll be hard to beat The Lego Batman, Spider-Man & Superman Movie.

If you didn't see this, I put up a new vlog/preview on forrestfire1001.
Check it out:

Thanks for reading,