Friday, December 24, 2010


Hey guys and gals (haha, I wish) what's up?

Forrest here coming to you live with yet another blog post. With great news. I'm going legit! Yep.

Okay silliness aside what I mean by this is that my Lego Batman videos are going to be legal from now on.
If you didn't know, all my Lego Batman video are technically illegal due to the fact that I use copyrighted music like crazy.

While this is a gray area for YouTube (i.e. they say don't do it but have featured my videos in the past), a company like Warner Bros. could come along any day and instantly remove my videos.

So yeah, that kinda sucks. They're at risk. Also I can't monetize them, which means I don't make any money on them like I do with The Duck Song series and most of the Craig videos. That's why you hardly ever see ads on my Lego films.

Anyway, my point being is that starting with The Jokers, I'm going to use an original score. I'm paying this awesome and talented YouTube musician NxSG to compose original pieces for the film, and I intend to do so for future projects.

Just to give you an example of some of his work, listen to the music linked below. Oh yeah, and if you like his music, please sub him because he is insanely gifted!

When the video is out and I have all the files sorted, I plan to upload his entire score for the video to my website. There you can download it for free and use it how you wish. I just ask that you credit him for his work! :D

So yeah, I'm just pretty excited about going legit and using this guy's music, so I thought I'd share with you.

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Live Action Video FRIDAY

Hey peoples, just a heads up, a new video (live action) will be up on 101 this Friday.
It's an comedy interview I did with Mason Howerton a few days ago and I just finished editing it about an hour ago. It was a two camera set up deal so it was fun to edit and I learned a lot while doing so.

It's pretty cool though because I answered some Facebook and Twitter questions people sent to me.
The videos concept however is that I'm acting like a Hollywood hotshot so I didn't REALLY answer the questions.

There were some great ones however so I did just want to post a little reminder that there is a FAQs page (Frequently Asked Questions) on my website that I did work very hard on. So if you have a question please check it out there first. Also, it's recently updated (by Mason and my Mom) and now it's much more informative than before. And probably better written. So if you have given it a look before you ought to do so again.

Okay, so I am excited about this new video and I hope you are to. It is kinda like filler though. Not that it's bad or anything but everyone knows it's not gonna be up to par with a new Lego Batman adventure.

And the one I'm working on now is getting towards it's end. I started on the final action scene and it's already looking very cool. This time around I have much better sound effects as well. I discovered that you can buy sound effect albums on iTunes for pretty cheap (like 9.99) and that's been much better than spending hours searching the internet for quality pieces.

But if you don't have that kinda money then some good sites are:

Absolute Sound Effects Archive
WavSource: Stuff Menu
Royalty Free Music

Also, about the fight scenes, characters are not gong to be rolling around on the floor anymore. I've been trying to improve my animation recently and now the Legos are actually gonna punch each other and stuff. I think it'll make for a much better film.

So yeah, to wrap this up, make sure you check your subscription boxes on Friday, make sure to comment on this post, and most of all, don't miss the upcoming Lego Batman video. It's gonna be supa-kewl.

Thanks for reading,

Friday, November 12, 2010

7 Minutes Finished!

Yay! Seven minutes done total so far in my new Lego video.
Basically all the scenes leading up to my final action scene are complete as well as the ending scene.

The ending scene takes place on the same set as an earlier scene so I had to film it first.
So yeah, all I have to do now is create the final action scene.
There's an earlier one in the video and it's cool but I'm gonna try and make this action the best I've ever done.

Haha but it'll be hard to beat The Lego Batman, Spider-Man & Superman Movie.

If you didn't see this, I put up a new vlog/preview on forrestfire1001.
Check it out:

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My New Blogger Account & AMAZING WEBSITE

So as you probably know, I have a new website that is lightyears ahead of my previous one.


Haha, and this website is great, but for some reason they won't let you add a blog unless it's through some sort of crappy widget. So I created this Blogger account.

You'll see that under this post there are many of my older posts from forrestfirefilms.COM
(I'm trying to remove that domain and transfer it to my new site but it's a giant bitch for some reason)

I added the old blogs here so just ignore the fact that they're all "created" on the same day lol.

So yeah, I hope you guys will find this blog and my new website more convenient than my older crap.
I'm always looking to improve whenever necessary and making a new website and blog were DEFINITELY necessary! Haha. (the old stuff sucked)

Well, thanks for reading, I hope to post more soon! :)

Don't forget to comment!

my videos ARE TAKING FOREVER to make....

Hey guys, I know I haven't posted a blog in a while and I'm sorry.
As I type this I'm waiting for my class to start at Webster college.

I'm like, duel-enrolling there which means I'm taking classes that'll count towards my college degree but they also count towards my high school homeschool degree.

Oh yeah, and if you didn't know I'm home schooled, I am.

So yeah, there's kinda a lot on my plate at the moment and I'm just kinda a little bit behind on some of my home school assignments so there isn't THAT much time for my films right now.

However that shouldn't suggest that there isn't progress being made.

Yesterday I finished up a scene from my new video "Lego Batman- The Jokers" and it's looking really neat so far.

The script is all written and all the voices are sent in so really it's just on me now.
But yeah it is looking great. I have five minutes total of the film finished and the video is probably about half way done so were looking at a possible 10 minute video.

I feel bad that you guys have to wait so long for these things, but trust me I hate waiting too. 
I just wanna finish it so bad but it's so hard.
*Sounded weird but you get my "drift". Haha.

Also, there should be some kind of preview/trailer thang up soon.

Thanks for reading and I would love to read your guy's comments!

Forrest's Blog of Wonders!

So just a blog of random things...

First off...

The Duck Song Book, if you didn't know, was officially released on the first of this month. It is now completely available to buy and is ready to ship worldwide! No more Pre-Order stuff!

Click HERE to check that out!
Eventually it should hit the shelves of book stores like Barnes & Noble and Borders.
Also, there may be some author tours to different states in the future, but that's still pretty unclear.

In LEGO video news, I'm working on a new epic Batman film titled
Lego Batman - The Jokers
About a minute and a half of video is finished and the script's end is still in the works.
Hopefully I'll finish that (the end of the script that is) soon and send it out to the voice actors!

And one more thing…

Apparently, this website is getting too much “traffic” as puts it. They say I might have to buy more “bandwidth” to keep the site up and running. I’m putting quotation marks on these website words because I don’t really know a whole lot about them, lol.

So, the site may go down, and since I’m not on here every day like I am YouTube or Twitter, it would be cool if you guys could let me know if something happens.

If you can’t pull up the site one day or are having problems let me know through the comments or my twitter. It would be really helpful because this info they’re giving me could just be a bunch of bullshit.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment! I liked to know your thoughts! :-D


Okay! So the Duck Song BOOK is finally gonna be out on Septemeber 1st!

I actually made a video promoting it here:

And to get a good discount, you can Pre-Order the book, using the link below:

Also, just an update I forgot to include in the video, I am no longer working on The Ultimate Lego Race 2 and the project has beeen scraped. Sorry people, its just that once I re-read the script, it just didn't seem that funny to me.

Also I have other ideas that I think are are gonna be a better use of the time I'm investing.

I'm not saying I'll never make a Ultimate Lego Race 2, it just won't be this one.
Thanks for understanding!

Also, here's a snapshot from the new Lego video I'm working on!


The New Video is Looking Very SHMEXY! (sexy)

Hey peoples, sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I just wanted to let you know that the new video is coming along really well.

It'll feature Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Joker, Lex Luthor, Green Goblin, and Harley Quinn.

You'll notice that in most of my epic, lengthy videos that involve other heroes, I usually kill off Robin near the start, and this video will be no exception to that.

The cast is as follows:



Harley Quinn:
TheFourmonkeys (MM)

Lex Luthor:
TheFourMonkeys (BM)

Green Goblin:

SO yeah, I'm pretty excited about it, and here are some frames taken from animations done earlier this week:

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to leave a comment because I love hearing what you guys think! ;D

I'm starting to upload scripts from previous videos to the downloads page of this site, so if your into that sorta thing then check them out (it's free).

Dog Rape? No!

So I recently uploaded a trailer for the new video I'm releasing this Friday, and I gotta say, I'm kinda pissed off at the reaction it's getting.

This post is geared towards the people who keep commenting things like this:

"omgzzz look it the dog is raping robin LOZzz!"


Rape isn't funny, it's a terrible thing. I would never animate a dog raping a person. What kind of a sick bastard do these people think I am?

So yeah, the dog is HUMPING him!

Not RAPING him. Do you see a penis entering Robin's ass? No, you don't.

Thanks for letting me vent...

No More Censored Stuff

Hey guys, so I've been thinking and I decided that starting with this new Lego video (New Sidekicks), all my new films will be uncensored, with a "Viewer Discretion is Advised" title at the beginning like in the more recent "Craig" videos.

I feel like it doesn't make sense to have certain curse words censored while things in my videos like extreme violence and mature situations go uncensored.

So it just makes sense to me to make the whole thing uncensored rather than censoring certain parts. I don't want to offend anyone though, so that's why I'm gonna put a "Viewer Discretion is Advised" picture at the beginning of all my new videos for a period of about two seconds. Thanks for reading and make sure to tell me your thoughts on the subject.

Lego Batman - New Sidekicks

Hey guys, so I'm announcing the production of a new Lego Batman project. Yay! I know how you guys love those. The video will be called “Lego Batman – New Sidekicks” although I may end up changing the title down the road.

This video will introduce new characters like Batgirl and Bat-Hound (Ace the Bat-Hound) so it should be pretty fun.

Just so we’re clear though, the new characters probably won’t be around every episode after the series. I may still use them every once in a while but they won’t be permanent like Batman, Robin, and Alfred. They’ll appear more like Spider-Man or Super-Man in the series because I don’t wanna “jump the shark”, haha. Plus getting different people to do lines in a video is enough without having them be regulars like Batman or Robin.

So yeah, thanks for reading and I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted with vlogs, pics, and other kewl stuff throughout the video’s progression.

If you are a girl, have a good microphone, and wanna audition to be Batgirl, then send an audio track in with you just talking I guess, haha. I might just end up asking my friend Amanda to do it though, idk. Thanks everyone. smile

Yes, I am still working on The Ultimate Lego Race 2. Haha thanks for the concern.

Craig's Drugs

Craig's Drugs is now out and I wanted to talk to you guys about it real quick.


Just to clear things up, I understand that cocaine usually doesn't give you hallucinations but what I thought when making the vidoe is that Craig had slipped LSD into our drinks, not cocaine.

Johnny has a WIDE range of drugs that he sells!


Oh and let me know on the video or on here if you'd like to see more of Johnny (played by my good friend Zak Krekeler). Tell me what you think of him!

Annoying Orange!

A lot of people have been accusing us of 'copying' daneboe with the orange joke.
First, that joke is a very old knock knock joke so its kinda dumb to accuse someone of 'copying' someone who also used a really old knock knock joke.

Secondly, I don't watch or find daneboe's videos funny, so if I were to copy someone, I wouldn't copy material I don't find funny. 

Thanks for reading guys! big grin

Responding to Superman Theme Song Comments!

Hey all, so today I've been reading the comments on my new Superman video and I just wanted to respond to two of the most commented on things in the video.

First off is the "bad sound quality'.

A lot of people have been telling me the sound is really loud and they can't hear it because it's too fuzzy. When I was making the video, I could hear it fine and the majority of the viewers could hear it. The audio is really old from a animated TV show. I would recommend turning down your speakers if you're having the problem. lol.

The second thing I wanted to talk about is the "Hentai Porn" at the end of the video. Haha.

As I saw in the comments, most people got this joke but some didn't understand it.
It was meant to be like the editor of the video accidentally put up sexy girls instead of the American flag. I was originally gonna use swimsuit models but decided to go with drawn Japanese girls because I wasn't sure if the video would get flagged or not. Idk.

But thanks for reading, just wanted to clear that up.

A Cool Effect I Thought I'd Share

Have a shot where you need two of the same Lego but don't have two of that Lego? Just crop out one side of the frame containing the Lego piece and overlay it on the frames where the same piece is being used. Windows Paint works fine.

The red arrows point to the piece I doubled, and the white line represents the cut I made in the picture, allowing me to overlay one side of the frame.

Or I could've just bought a new Lego, but I'm cheap like that. Haha.

New Blog

Hey guys, so I decided to create a blog on this website for a number of reasons. First, there are a lot of things going on with my films that I can't express on Facebook and Twitter because I'm text limited. Here I can be free to update you as much as I want and if your a fan then you should probably check back here every now and again. 

Another reason I created this blog is because I feel like this website is a little boring. A lot of the pages are just links to things you already know about like my Twitter and Facebook. 

Thanks for reading guys, I'm not sure how many times a week, month, year, decade I'll post but I'll try my best to keep everyone current on ForrestFire Film events!


Make sure to comment and tell me what YOU wanna know about!