Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Craig's Drugs

Craig's Drugs is now out and I wanted to talk to you guys about it real quick.


Just to clear things up, I understand that cocaine usually doesn't give you hallucinations but what I thought when making the vidoe is that Craig had slipped LSD into our drinks, not cocaine.

Johnny has a WIDE range of drugs that he sells!


Oh and let me know on the video or on here if you'd like to see more of Johnny (played by my good friend Zak Krekeler). Tell me what you think of him!

Annoying Orange!

A lot of people have been accusing us of 'copying' daneboe with the orange joke.
First, that joke is a very old knock knock joke so its kinda dumb to accuse someone of 'copying' someone who also used a really old knock knock joke.

Secondly, I don't watch or find daneboe's videos funny, so if I were to copy someone, I wouldn't copy material I don't find funny. 

Thanks for reading guys! big grin

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