Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lego Batman - New Sidekicks

Hey guys, so I'm announcing the production of a new Lego Batman project. Yay! I know how you guys love those. The video will be called “Lego Batman – New Sidekicks” although I may end up changing the title down the road.

This video will introduce new characters like Batgirl and Bat-Hound (Ace the Bat-Hound) so it should be pretty fun.

Just so we’re clear though, the new characters probably won’t be around every episode after the series. I may still use them every once in a while but they won’t be permanent like Batman, Robin, and Alfred. They’ll appear more like Spider-Man or Super-Man in the series because I don’t wanna “jump the shark”, haha. Plus getting different people to do lines in a video is enough without having them be regulars like Batman or Robin.

So yeah, thanks for reading and I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted with vlogs, pics, and other kewl stuff throughout the video’s progression.

If you are a girl, have a good microphone, and wanna audition to be Batgirl, then send an audio track in with you just talking I guess, haha. I might just end up asking my friend Amanda to do it though, idk. Thanks everyone. smile

Yes, I am still working on The Ultimate Lego Race 2. Haha thanks for the concern.

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