Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My New Blogger Account & AMAZING WEBSITE

So as you probably know, I have a new website that is lightyears ahead of my previous one.


Haha, and this website is great, but for some reason they won't let you add a blog unless it's through some sort of crappy widget. So I created this Blogger account.

You'll see that under this post there are many of my older posts from forrestfirefilms.COM
(I'm trying to remove that domain and transfer it to my new site but it's a giant bitch for some reason)

I added the old blogs here so just ignore the fact that they're all "created" on the same day lol.

So yeah, I hope you guys will find this blog and my new website more convenient than my older crap.
I'm always looking to improve whenever necessary and making a new website and blog were DEFINITELY necessary! Haha. (the old stuff sucked)

Well, thanks for reading, I hope to post more soon! :)

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  1. So forrest, on your youtube channel it says like 70% done on the jokers, does this mean the stopmotion or the editing???

  2. Did you start being home schooled after your videos started getting more popular?