Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Live Action Video FRIDAY

Hey peoples, just a heads up, a new video (live action) will be up on 101 this Friday.
It's an comedy interview I did with Mason Howerton a few days ago and I just finished editing it about an hour ago. It was a two camera set up deal so it was fun to edit and I learned a lot while doing so.

It's pretty cool though because I answered some Facebook and Twitter questions people sent to me.
The videos concept however is that I'm acting like a Hollywood hotshot so I didn't REALLY answer the questions.

There were some great ones however so I did just want to post a little reminder that there is a FAQs page (Frequently Asked Questions) on my website that I did work very hard on. So if you have a question please check it out there first. Also, it's recently updated (by Mason and my Mom) and now it's much more informative than before. And probably better written. So if you have given it a look before you ought to do so again.


Okay, so I am excited about this new video and I hope you are to. It is kinda like filler though. Not that it's bad or anything but everyone knows it's not gonna be up to par with a new Lego Batman adventure.

And the one I'm working on now is getting towards it's end. I started on the final action scene and it's already looking very cool. This time around I have much better sound effects as well. I discovered that you can buy sound effect albums on iTunes for pretty cheap (like 9.99) and that's been much better than spending hours searching the internet for quality pieces.

But if you don't have that kinda money then some good sites are:

Absolute Sound Effects Archive
WavSource: Stuff Menu
Royalty Free Music

Also, about the fight scenes, characters are not gong to be rolling around on the floor anymore. I've been trying to improve my animation recently and now the Legos are actually gonna punch each other and stuff. I think it'll make for a much better film.

So yeah, to wrap this up, make sure you check your subscription boxes on Friday, make sure to comment on this post, and most of all, don't miss the upcoming Lego Batman video. It's gonna be supa-kewl.

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  1. what about the lego vid? will it be up on friday as well?