Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Responding to Superman Theme Song Comments!

Hey all, so today I've been reading the comments on my new Superman video and I just wanted to respond to two of the most commented on things in the video.

First off is the "bad sound quality'.

A lot of people have been telling me the sound is really loud and they can't hear it because it's too fuzzy. When I was making the video, I could hear it fine and the majority of the viewers could hear it. The audio is really old from a animated TV show. I would recommend turning down your speakers if you're having the problem. lol.

The second thing I wanted to talk about is the "Hentai Porn" at the end of the video. Haha.

As I saw in the comments, most people got this joke but some didn't understand it.
It was meant to be like the editor of the video accidentally put up sexy girls instead of the American flag. I was originally gonna use swimsuit models but decided to go with drawn Japanese girls because I wasn't sure if the video would get flagged or not. Idk.

But thanks for reading, just wanted to clear that up.

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