Friday, December 24, 2010


Hey guys and gals (haha, I wish) what's up?

Forrest here coming to you live with yet another blog post. With great news. I'm going legit! Yep.

Okay silliness aside what I mean by this is that my Lego Batman videos are going to be legal from now on.
If you didn't know, all my Lego Batman video are technically illegal due to the fact that I use copyrighted music like crazy.

While this is a gray area for YouTube (i.e. they say don't do it but have featured my videos in the past), a company like Warner Bros. could come along any day and instantly remove my videos.

So yeah, that kinda sucks. They're at risk. Also I can't monetize them, which means I don't make any money on them like I do with The Duck Song series and most of the Craig videos. That's why you hardly ever see ads on my Lego films.

Anyway, my point being is that starting with The Jokers, I'm going to use an original score. I'm paying this awesome and talented YouTube musician NxSG to compose original pieces for the film, and I intend to do so for future projects.

Just to give you an example of some of his work, listen to the music linked below. Oh yeah, and if you like his music, please sub him because he is insanely gifted!

When the video is out and I have all the files sorted, I plan to upload his entire score for the video to my website. There you can download it for free and use it how you wish. I just ask that you credit him for his work! :D

So yeah, I'm just pretty excited about going legit and using this guy's music, so I thought I'd share with you.

Thanks for reading,