Monday, February 7, 2011

Mason Howertons

Hello there.
It has been a while since I've updated this blog so I figured I might as well create an entire post that is of the lowest importance and serves almost no purpose whatsoever.

As most of you know, my friend Mason Howerton (I like to call him Mason Whoretown) helps me out with my videos from time to time. It's cool interacting with him and he's easy to work with because often times we share the same vision, which is great for the creative process. Brainstorming and what not. :)

We're actually collaborating on two projects at the moment! I know, right? One is live-action (with peoples) and the other is to be created with Lego. The latter of which was originally going to be co-written with Keshen8, however we decided it best for me to continue on with Mason since we share a similar form of humor. Not that Mr. Matus (or Shecken, whatever) isn't funny, because he fucking is, it's just our styles of writing are too dissimilar. Also when the Pacific Ocean is separating you and your Skype calls drop every five seconds its hard to write a script with someone. Damn you Skype.

What was I trying to say? I got off track there, trying to give you guys an update. This blog wasn't supposed to be like that. Damn.


So what I was trying to say was that I have a friend to helps me with videos. Of course I have other friends but Mason's the bee's knees when it comes to co-videoing (that's a word now).

Recently however, I've realized that several channels on YouTube have their very own Mason Howerton person. So whenever I find one, I point it out to him. So much so that I've compiled a list of channels, and their own Mason Howertons.

I've been procrastinating. You don't have to tell me that.

SecretAgentBob - Chris Alex
CharlieIsSoCoolLike - Alex Day
Keshen8 - William Holloway
Nigahiga - Sean Fujiyoshi
KevJumba - His Dad (lol)
ShaneDawsonTV - Brittni Louis Taylor
LisaNova - Her Brother (I forgot his name)
TotallySketch - Richard Ryan

I'm probably skipping a lot but those are the ones that just sorta come to mind.
Haha, thanks for reading guys!