Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mouth Movements :) :D

Hey guys, so recently I posted a short video with a new style of mouth movements.

Lego Stare Dad

The new movements (now with individual mouths for each syllable) has received a mixed reaction. Some people LOVE it, but others seems to HATE it. 

Basically I was trying to emulate a "Robot Chicken" esque format and apply it to my own Lego people. Once finished, I thought it looked great, and was excited to post the test. However after thinking about it for some time I realized it wasn't right. That it felt strange and detached. Mommy Monkey from YouTube channel TheFourMonkeys (she plays Batgirl, lol) summed it up to me the best:

"I find them to be extremely unnatural and very distracting to the rest of the video. I find myself just looking at the mouths, because they stand out so much, instead of watching the rest of the video as I should."

So I've decided to return to the old mouth movement system. It's kinda hard for me, because I like being consistant, to keep that Stare Dad video up. Having one video with different mouth movements is just gonna bother the hell outta me. Haha. I'm weird like that.

I think the old movements work better, and obviously, they take WAY-hay-haaaay less time to make. Meaning videos won't take a thousand years to create. 

Only a few months, lol. Which I know to some of you, might FEEL like a thousand years. I'm no freddiew. I can't produce a video every week. I have to balance school and work. And by "balance" I mean like 75% school, 25% work. Haha.

Anywho, thanks for reading this people. I hope your not too ticked off at me. Most of you probably won't even care, but I know there are going to be a select few comments on my upcoming Lego film that go along the lines of:

"wtf?? why r u back to the old moth movmunts? this is retarded unsubed"

And while I doubt this blog will prevent any of those, I just like to keep you guys in the loop as much as possible. Thanks!