Friday, August 5, 2011

Mason and his Channel

Yeah, so, hey guys. We went to LA for VidCon last week and made a "fun" video of sorts while we were there. Oh, and by we, I mean of course myself and the fabulous Mason Howerton. Who is, in fact, the inspiration BEHIND ForrestFire Films.

But let's get serious, the real inspiration comes from people like dartagnanscash. Who leave the nicest comments...

A tip, dartagnanscash, next time you create a username, don't fucking choose dartagnanscash.
You know why? Because I nearly killed myself trying to write this abomination of a name three times in this post. It's ugly, doesn't make any sense, and is extremely difficult to type/remember.

But moving on...oh, and yes, I do realize it's not proper to start a sentence in "but".
Mason edited the vlog we made while we were there, and we have decided to post it on his brand new channel!!!

Duhbau duhbau duhbau dot you tube dot com backslash Mason Howerton.

I know, right? He's really growing up. Started out as a learner, but now he is the master...of vlogs.
You see, he'll be taking over the "ForrestFire Vlogs" dept. of ForrestFire Films (if there could be such a thing).

He'll also be posting Mason originals. Don't ask me what those are, he told me to write this.
So please, if you could, it'd be really cool if you subscribed him (disclamer: If you enjoy the content).

If enough of you do, then he'll probably be able to make partner, and start earning money like me. Which would be nice because we plan on moving to LA in a year and kick starting this whole YouTube thing full time.

So in a way, you'll be supporting our moving, and our "putting up of more videos plan", all for your entertainment of course. More Legos, more action scenes, more animations, the whole fucking nine yards.

So thanks for reading this, and watching the new VidCon Vlog! On Mason's channel! Which is linked directly below. Enjoy. :)

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